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Technical font design for small display devices

KSE Chromea LC-Series Type 4 belongs to the family of segmented Liquid Crystal fonts. In this series, Type 4 refers to the font style and design.

Chromea Type 4 is characterized by a relatively narrow outline with a balanced stroke width in the outer segments, which makes this font particularly suitable for displays with a reduced space requirement.

This font was developed with a focus on providing better legibility for specific application areas with segmented fonts. In the KSE Type Foundry area, technical fonts specifically suited for use on small display devices are developed. The focus here is on excellent legibility and quick user recognition.

The areas of application are very diverse, such as temperature display, time display or - as in our product Calmenda - in the display of the calendar week on the Apple Watch.


KSE Chromea LC-Series Type 4

Temerature Sample

Temperarure Sensor Sample

Type Samples


Screen shot 3

Type 4 is used by Calmenda


Kurt Krueger works as a software developer, graphic designer and type designer mainly in the city of Düsseldorf in Germany. He has also worked in software development and design in Lier, London and Princeton, among other places, where he gained international experience. The technical type development is a new challenge and a passion at the same time for the autodidact, as shapes and contours have always fascinated him.


How to get?

You can buy KSE Chromea LC-Series Type 4 on MONOTYPE shortly.